The Best Dating Tip for 2013: Try Hitting the Road

If you’re out there looking to date, you know it’s not easy. But when was it ever really?  You’ve tried the dating websites like Plenty of Fish and and you have struck out again and again.  Your local dating pool is as shallow as a kiddie pool.  What’s a young, energetic guy or girl to do?  How about packing your backs and diving into a much bigger pool?

travel dating

Traveling is a great way to meet people.  It doesn’t even really matter where you go.  Just book a ticket to an ideally warm place and head out.

Here’s why this works…  People on vacation are out to have fun and let loose.  The normal constraints of local social norms, or knowing everyone around don’t apply out in the wild.  Inhibitions are lowered and people are looking to meet new people.

Another reason it’s easy to meet people while traveling is you might be the only other person that looks like them or speaks their language that they’ve met for a week.  For example, let’s say you’re from America and you’ve traveled to Saigon, Vietnam.  Not a whole lot of people speak English there and you aren’t going to necessarily bump into a ton of other Americans outside of the city centers.  Another American is most likely going to strike up a conversation in the bar.

Words of warning of course, include practicing safe sex. Is AIDS curable?  They have a lot of medications, but it’s not curable as of yet.  Is herpes curable?  Nope.  So be safe and sane when engaging in intimate activities.

Also just like in any part of the world including your own home town, you need to watch out and make sure you aren’t putting yourself into any kind of danger.  Make sure your loved ones or friends know where you are. A little ounce of prevention can save a ton of serious problems.

Overall, the message it to think outside of the box (and your own city).  There’s a big planet.  Make the world your dating pool and you’ll never run out of fun people to date.

More and More People are Moving to Arizona for Jobs, School and Retirement

As the economy continues to recover, it’s quite apparent that more and more people are choosing to move to Arizona, more so now than ever before.

People are choosing to move to big cities like Tucson and Phoenix because jobs are a plenty, when compared with other parts of the United States. Companies like The Joint, GlobalMed, and Digital Video Network have all experienced unprecedented growth in the last few years, leading to hiring sprees. This has prompted an influx of the top talent around the country to move to Arizona.


In addition to the widespread availability of great employment opportunities, Arizona schools are at record high enrollment. With the California schools experiencing budget cuts and tougher admissions requirements, more top students are opting to attend Arizona’s outstanding academic institutions like the University of Arizona or Arizona State University.

Since more and more people are applying to these schools, the requirements for admission become higher. And when the requirements for admission become higher, the value of a degree increases. Record enrollment also allows these educational institutions to scout the top teaching talent from around the country, improving the education one gets at these schools.

Recent graduates from these schools are also choosing to stay in Arizona for longer, and in fact are accepting jobs in state rather than returning to their home states or anywhere else. People enjoy when baseball spring training comes around, because it’s a chance for them to see their favorite team (if it isn’t the Arizona Diamondbacks).

But it’s not just for jobs or school that people are moving to Arizona for. In fact, it’s becoming one of the most desirable (if not the most desirable) locations for retirement in the entire country. It’s easy to see why, as luxurious golf course homes are readily available from country clubs like Terravita Property. And when compared with other popular retirement destinations like southern California or Florida, Arizona has the lowest property cost out of those three. It’s affordable to retire in Arizona and live a luxurious lifestyle, even if you couldn’t afford that lifestyle in other parts of the country.

People love moving to Arizona because of the climate. The summer lasts for essentially nine months, while winters rarely leave bones chilled. Phoenix and Tucson are both deserts, which are dry most of the year and rarely experience rain. But up the road to Flagstaff and Prescott are mountains, forests, and even some of the top skiing in the country. Since it’s not a very large state, it’s easy to drive from one city to another in a day to experience all that Arizona has to offer.

Arizona’s proximity to Mexico provides fantastic vacations for a great price. Flying from anywhere in Arizona to some of Mexico’s top destinations won’t break the bank, and even driving to some places in Mexico is considered safe now. Regardless of the reason that you’re moving to Arizona, you’re making the right choice.

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The Great Outdoors: Best Camping in Ohio

Image of Camping in Ohio


Ohio is a Midwestern getaway location that offers beautiful parks that are perfect for camping. In Ohio, campgrounds and RV parks are easy to find near the coast of Lake Erie to the banks of the Ohio River. National and state parks can easily be home-base for a few day while you visit some of amenities and sights of Ohio’s great cities.
Ohio may not be as glamorous as Las Vegas and may also not provide amusement parks of Florida but Ohio campgrounds have lots of place for the family fun. While camping in Ohio, you can have the chance to enjoy the Midwestern hospitality offered by Ohio campgrounds.

Camping in Ohio’s National and State Parks

National parks have been a part of United States lifestyle since the primary national park, Yellowstone, was established in 1872. Our national parks are the ideal areas to experience all your outdoor activities. If you want to find the most suitable camping area, you can inquire at Ohio Department of Natural Resources wherein you will be able to find out about the possible spots for your outdoor activity.
The Grand Lake Saint Mary?s State Park is another place that allows you to stay when you want to enjoy an outdoor activity. The Cowan Lake State Park is located in the county Clinton, about an hour’s drive northeast of Cincinnati. Variety is just something that makes this park worth visiting.
You can stay at Lake Hope State Park. The shores of Lake Erie that offer a coastal beach feel, which will be perfect for soaking up the sun’s rays, or strolling down the beaches of Lake Erie. Ottawa Counting Campground looks out over beautiful Lake Erie and borders the popular Kelly’s Island and the beautiful Put-In-Bay. If you are interested in disc golf, it is offered at twelve other Ohio state parks: Buck Creek, Delaware, East Harbor, Forked Run, Findley, Great Seal, Hueston Woods, Independence Dam, John Bryan, Pike Lake, Rocky Fork and Van Buren.

Camping in Ohio with an RV

If you want to research Ohio campgrounds in the northwest region of the state, try Surf Motel and RV campsite in Marblehead near Lake Erie. You can also reserve for a camping vacation at the Maumee Bay State Park. There are hookups for water, electricity and waste. Get yourself a dual battery system, a solar panel or generator, a dual voltage LCD TV, microwave, instant hot water faucet, built-in car radio, air conditioning, etc, etc, and you will be fine. There are around 118 RV camping sites including 90 full-hookups and 28 water and electric only sites. Bring along your motorboat and take advantage of the wonderful boating and water recreation on the Ohio River while you are camping in Ohio.

Sights to Visit While Camping in Ohio

Take the time to visit to the famous Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame downtown, or Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky. The park is a place that has loads of exciting things to do for a day. Even a weekend in Columbus, Ohio area has it many adventures and experiences.

Need a Job? Go Where the Jobs Are!

Image of Capply for Jobs Online

Companies are finding that getting great candidates online is a good way to fill positions.  For corporate companies, they are becoming basically an extension of the HR department. If you’re on the hunt for a job

But it’s important to do your due diligence when looking for job online.  This would ensure that the site is actually existing and not a fly-by-night type of company. Although the algorithms are different, the automated applicant tracking systems have, at their heart, the very same mechanisms and return to the employer’s agent, the HR person or company recruiter, a list of applications that have all of the specific keywords and phrases that they are looking for. Avoid companies that sound vague and do not give out your private information. Make the ad a direct reflection of the job, the mission and the values of your company.  Another way to help with your job search is to move to a place where jobs are plentiful like Arizona.  It’s really a numbers game… if there’s more jobs, your chances of snagging one go up exponentially.

Your Time, Your Career

Online recruitment agencies offer full service that includes temporary assignments, temporary to permanent jobs, permanent placements, part-time or full time jobs, paid summer internships, long term contract positions, free lance assignments and more. While students get to learn with individual attention, online tutoring jobs also prove to be fulfilling livelihoods for those interested offering full time as well as part time career options. How many times have you heard of people filling out dozens or even hundreds of online applications without even getting one response back! People are more in control with their life as the ones successful working from home spends lots of time among family. Putting in a little research regarding the general hourly rate for the online tutor jobs in your field will help you decide upon a fee that is not only worth your time, but also not too exorbitant as to push away potential students. Both are scanned within the same time frame and a decision made from the information put forth.

Getting Access to Great Companies

Using free classified websites, people can get access to the employers who aren’t advertising themselves in real world publications. You are the owner or head of large corporate house, but do not have the right people in leadership roles. There have been a lot of stories where people get scammed by people posing as representatives from accredited agencies when in fact, the person and the agency that they represent are both bogus. Frankly, this attitude keeps most people from making the short list at the companies that they are interested in. It has turned computer passionate people into professionals in various forms of technology. However, people for some reason are more often aware of their brief window of opportunity when it comes to putting forth their resume than when it comes to putting forth their job ad.

Online Classifieds

Primarily, the main reason these online classified sites help employees in finding a job is the fact of the whole entire online process. Renowned online recruitment portals offer job opportunities across a vast array of industries for all levels of management, from entry-level to senior and executive level. Online job searching is the latest tend because not only is it convenient, it is also very simple for both the employers and applicants. Online tutoring has emerged as one of the ways of reaching out to such students who may not have access to good teachers locally, making online tutoring jobs very much in demand, while offering a very convenient option for those who are qualified enough to earn some extra bucks. The Right Contacts To Follow Up With Most people think that online job application means that you can’t contact the company, and that there won’t be any human interaction until you win the job application lottery and your name is chosen. Free online work at home jobs advantage everyone concerned.

Resume Excellence

Apart from helping you find jobs in your town, these agencies also offer a number of additional services to candidates such as tips for writing resume and preparing for interviews. This should be the foremost in your list before you go filling out the online form and submitting your resume. This will require you to send over a resume highlighting your skills as a teacher and perhaps even taking a few tests. They usually end up with the simple remark, “if they choose your resume, you will get a phone call from them. If your just time to apply for jobs is on the weekend, as a minimum try to send through your cover letters and resume toward the later fraction of the weekend, preferably on Sunday evenings. With the prep work done, it would now make sense to put together a resume that highlights your skills as a tutor.

Get the Job

This is another step that is very important especially if you are applying for overseas jobs. Online tutoring jobs have become quite the rage almost all across the globe since most students feel the need to understand concepts and lessons at their own pace and time, requiring personal attention, which may not be a possibility in a class of twenty or thirty. It will teach you how to access the “hidden job market” where the competition is significantly less, and odds are much greater in your favor for getting hired. If you would like to become a portion of a companies’ big family of employees, you are going to require filling out a job application form.

Apply for Jobs Online – The Easy Way

Image of Apply for Jobs OnlineIndividuals looking for a career are able to pinpoint their postings based on qualifications and apply for jobs online. It is easy for the company to create and post the offering just as it is for the job seeker to locate it based on keyword criteria. Online applications increase efficiency in the workplace.

Advantages of Online Career Search

One of the advantages of using online career search websites and company websites to find vacancies is that one can apply for jobs online openings instantly. For many companies, it is easier and more cost effective to simply accept applications and resume online than in person. The Internet has created a latest and effective way to search for jobs online that has made job search easier than ever before.

Apply for Jobs Online for the Convenience

Primarily, the main reason these online classified sites help employees in finding a job is the fact of the whole entire online process. Renowned online recruitment portals offer job opportunities across a vast array of industries for all levels of management, from entry-level to senior and executive level. Online job searching is the latest trend because not only is it convenient, it is also very simple for both the employers and applicants.

Reach Multiple Employers in the Same Corporation When You Apply for Jobs Online

Apart from listing jobs from reputed national and multinational companies, you can search jobs in public sector organizations as well. Although the algorithms are different, the automated applicant tracking systems have the same mechanisms to reach the employer’s agent, human resources person, or company recruiter. These contacts receive a list of applications that have all of the specific keywords and phrases that they are looking for.

Use Free Classified Ad-Sites to Apply for Jobs Online

Free classified ad-sites are visited by people to find vacancies for them. Free classified ads online have unlimited space where thousands of jobs are available for people. Demand for quality human capital is there as always, and companies are eager to hire people who could add value to their organizations while equipping themselves to better meet the challenges of this age.
Openings can be searched through various and different online job sites so that the job seeker has many different options from each and every site. With the growing prominence of the online world more employers than ever are posting any opening they have online, which means users can apply to jobs online from anywhere. There is separate online job search tool in which you can specify the type of job you wish to search.

Tips When You Apply for Jobs Online

  • Don’t stop in the middle of filling out an online job application unless you are able to save your work and return later.
  • It is only natural to wonder if an online application went through, but give it at least 5 days before you call to check on your application’s status.
  • Know the right contacts with whom to follow up. Most people think that online job application means that you can’t contact the company, and that there won’t be any human interaction until you win the job application lottery and your name is chosen. A legitimate job posting will have the name of the contact person who is hiring for the position.

Find Your Perfect Romantic Getaways in Ohio

romantic getaway in ohioThe state of Ohio is the perfect location for a couple to get away and enjoy each other?s company. Couples can enjoy their hobbies and interests be it sports, nature, or museums. The perfect romantic getaways in Ohio start with some online research.

Why are the Perfect Romantic Getaways in Ohio?

The great Midwestern state of Ohio is an perfect state for romantic weekend trips. This state has so many natural and amazing man-made places you’ll agree are totally worth visiting. The Cowan Lake State Park is located in the beautiful county Clinton, nearly an hour’s drive northeast of the big city of Cincinnati. Major league sports, history museums, running trails and entertainments and parks are found scattered throughout the beautiful state, so finding the right hotel is easy once a very central destination has been chosen. Of course there are many other special places to visit in the United States, but the state of Ohio has a lot of great scenery and places and activities to offer as well.
In the city of Columbus, shopping doesn’t get much better or fun than this. The Easton Town Center offers high-end stores with delicious restaurants, dining and entertainment, which includes stores like Saks Fifth Avenue.
Since there are plenty of activities to do in Ohio, choosing a hotel is fairly simple. Visiting one of Ohio wineries is a great way to spend the day or evening. This ride on replica of an old fashioned trolley car must be part of your romantic getaway in Ohio.
There are always the typical hotels to choose from including Hyatt, Doubletree and even Marriott’s for those who just need a place to lay their head at night.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Take Romantic Getaways in Ohio?

The best time to visit is in the middle of summers or between May and October. There are riverboats cruises available that offer you a chance to have a romance filled time. Therefore, couples can spend their special time here without any interference. While there are many choices within a helpful Ohio hotels guide, people are looking for more historical hotels, luxurious resorts, or just cheap hotels to lodge in while visiting their favorite getaway destination.

Where Can You Plan Your Romantic Getaway in Ohio?

Plan a romantic getaway because it is a snap when you are visiting Ashtabula County, also known as Ohio’s Wine County. Ohio is a perfect getaway location to see any type of destination, whether it’s a romantic type getaway for a couple or a weekend watching sports and visiting amusement parks.

Finding Apartments in Columbus, Ohio

Image of Apartments in Columbus OhioOhio State University students need apartments in Columbus, Ohio that are close to campus and the amenities they need. They need to accommodate their living needs, space requirements, and lifestyle.

One or Two-Bedroom Apartments in Columbus

Visit the Ohio State University campus and get an understanding of the city, and get a feel for how easy it would be to get from the places you are interested in, the campus, and local amenities. Still, it is one of the best places to live. Depending on if you are thinking of choosing to rent the apt for along or you plan to share, you may be able to find a great one or two-bedroom apartments available. If you’re on a tight budget, however, you may not be able to afford a larger place.

Choose Your Neighborhood

In most university areas, apartments will be smaller because they are intended to accommodate students rather than big families.  Look around these different areas and neighborhoods to make sure you like the general neighborhood.
It is also a good idea to choose from apartments in Columbus, Ohio where other students are staying as well. Location is definitely everything when it comes to apartments. There are several neighborhoods in Columbus that have affordable apartments both close and distant from the OSU Campus.
It is smart to visit the crib and find out how much room each one has. Nothing beats getting out of the dormitory and into your own space. But try to put your own perceptions of the space out of your mind for the time being.

Choose Apartments in Columbus, Ohio that Meets Your Needs

Being situated near the highway, gas stations, mall shopping, and movies happens to be what many people focus on. Some people like to make their rooms are large, open, and spacious as possible. Few people move into an apartment and start complaining that they have too much room.
When it comes to finding apartments in Columbus Ohio, stick to your budget and your ideal neighborhoods. Now you are ready to find affordable Columbus apartments.

“I Need a New Job!”

Image of I Need a New JobMore than once a week, something in the workplace brings you to the frustration point that makes you think “I need a new job”. If you are currently in a job that is taking you nowhere, you need to take a few steps internally before you can pursue a promotion or a move to a new company with better opportunities.
It’s rare to have a job where you love every minute of every day, but some do and it’s due to the fact that  these people have their own business and hire other people to take care of the things they don’t want to worry about.

I Love My Company but I Need a New Job

So, you love your company but you are looking for a new challenge?   With hundreds of training classes at your fingertips, you can in very short time impress your employer that you have the skills to ensure you are a beneficial part of their company. It says,”I need a new job and I want this opportunity to show you what I can do for this company in a higher position.”. Read reviews of people who have enrolled for these courses and ascertain whether the courses have helped them get a job or a promotion.
Unfortunately, most of the time, only your team can evaluate how good you are and even there, you would need to sell yourself. This could be extremely important if you are looking to gain a qualification for a promotion and don’t have the time for classroom teaching. If you assume that people in the company know exactly what you are doing, and how good you are at it, this is not true.

It’s horrible being stuck in a job with the feeling there is no way out. A new job goes a long way in providing for your family.  Do your target roles or companies need things you don’t like, not good at, or just do not qualify? Another way that employers save cash on doing background checks is to only do background checks in certain positions.

Remember Not to Burn Bridges with Your Previous Employers

This leads us to the next point: make sure your boss has a good understanding of your goals as well as any reasons when you say “I need a new job”.  No manager would like a sneaky employee.  Upon receiving your application the awarding body will verify both your identity and the fact that you do actually need an ASIC card for your job.

Make sure to double check that your Linkedin and Twitters are reflecting your new position since you might not want to be associated with your old job. Realistically most people only look at their resume when they change jobs and it can be a big task to tackle making those updates all in one hit – and still keep it to the appropriate length. So remember this is a big adjustment but it’s also going to be a very exciting time.